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artist painting a whale mural in Seward, Alaska, public art.


The Painted Whale is a specialized art company operated by local artist and art educator Justine Pechuzal.  In Seward, Mrs. Pechuzal created The Alaska Statehood Mural and Friendship across Water, and partnered with artist Liza McElroy on the Sea-Ward Bound Mural.  In addition, she has directed the creation of over a dozen collaborative school murals throughout rural Alaska.  Mrs. Pechuzal also enjoys teaching drawing and painting paired with environmental themes.    

Seward was designated The Mural Capital of Alaska in 2008 by the state legislature.  Many of the thirty works in the city's collection were created under the direction of the Seward Mural Society, an all volunteer group.  $1 from every tour purchase is donated towards their efforts.  Your participation supports local art!

Mrs. Pechuzal holds an MA in art education, a BA in art history and creative writing, and a minor in studio art.   Both her public artwork and fine artwork explore the intersection between people and environment.  Years of outdoor guiding, including summers in Seward leading sea kayak tours, inspire her work.    

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