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Student Showcase of Fantastic Fall Art!

Teaching community art in a small town makes for a diverse group of work. I am so proud of what everyone has accomplished. I hope you will enjoy this sampling!

Beginning Drawing for Kids

Laif Rothenberger, Age 7 (above) Ryah Thrall, Age 7 (below)

Jaelyn Crites, age 8

Seward Homeschool Co-op Group, Painting Puzzles

Ellia Schrock, Karina & Annika Fry

Ronan Bickling, Camden Schrock, Gideon Schrock

Kellan Schrock, Josiah Nobles, Finn Bird

Blakeley Norvell, Maren Bickling, Audrey Bird

Kim Bird, Teresa Bickling, Jackson Bird

Will Nobles, Noah Bird, Hunter Fry

Kate Norvell, Cara Nobles, Keira Schrock

Beginning Drawing for Youth

McKinley Williams, age 9

Denver Newman, Age 11

Lia Shank, age 9

Esme Wilder, age 10

Independent Students

Katie Van Buskirk, Age 9, texture drawing

John Van Buskirk, age 12, contour drawing

Araya Fejes, age 15, watercolor

Adult Beginning Drawing Class

Ann Ghicadus, self-portrait

Jane Belovarac, contour line

Mereth Beutler, self-portrait

Dan Linkhart, perspective drawing

CJ Rae, self-portrait

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